Apr 15, 2010

thankful on a thursday—lovely, joyful

Today my heart is filled with gratitude. Today I am thankful before I get to the place in this post where I write my list. Today I am filled to overflowing—this WEEK I am filled to overflowing.

Maybe it's the weather. Maybe it's what lies ahead. Maybe it's what I've left behind. Or maybe it is all of those things wrapped up in Goodness and Mercy and Love and Faithfulness raining down on me like the petals of the cherry blossoms when the east wind whips up the Gorge and down the streets of Portland.

I am thankful...
  1. For sunshine and spring green leaves burgeoning from every tree and flower bed I pass.
  2. For free 12oz iced coffee from Stumptown.
  3. For a weekend at the coast with high school students who show me what God looks like, who teach me how to love, who show me my heart has so much more room in it.
  4. For capture the flag filled evenings, rediscovering my inner child, army crawling through dirt and falling over tree trunks.
  5. For scripture that trips me up and causes me to look deeper and draw closer.
  6. For the possibility of what lies ahead.
  7. For a weekend away with Lizzy and Briby.
  8. For words of encouragement that water the dreams I long to see bud and flower.
  9. For belly aching laughter that turns to tears.
  10. For Joy that has nothing to do with happiness.

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