May 18, 2009

the thing about the library

The thing about the library is that it makes me think about time.

I went in to pick up a book I had on hold [Thursday Next: First Among Sequels], and as I left, book in hand, thinking about the time this book and I would get to spend together, I glanced down at my check out slip. At the bottom it read, "DUE DATE: 06-08-09".

By the time this book is due it was already be June.

By the time this book is due I will have moved away from Santa Cruz OVER a year ago.

By the time this book is due Heather could have had Collin.

Time certainly does fly....


erica said...

that really is crazy to think about. i was sort of thinking the same thing when i looked at the expiration date on the cereal box the other day. i thought "i will have a baby by the time this expires" it's nuts.

Haley said...

The real question is, do you pour yourself a bowl of the cereal and eat it, or just prepare it and pass it off to Craig?

Love you and your hormental self so much!

Heather said...

Awwww, you enjoy that book for Collin's birthday!

Haley said...

I will. And I will be thinking of books to read and stories to tell for when I get to meet him.

Fifty Two Weekends said...

ew, I hope you don't eat that cereal by that time, Erica.

and I know what you mean Haley.
(I just got the strongest urge to call you "Hales")

A year ago we were getting ready for this crazy move, thinking we were going to be all moved in by July.

I laugh in the face of us a year ago.

Please lets share lentils soon.