May 22, 2009

loving fiercely

I am realizing something about myself. It's not new, but the way I understand it is.

What I know about myself is that I love fiercely.

For awhile I thought I should tone it down, not love so fiercely. Someone, me, was going to get hurt.

And recently, a deeper understanding of this fierce way I love has become mine. I do not need to tone down the way I love. I must simply be discerning about who I choose to love with this fierce love of mine.

This does not imply that I will now be treating love as a commodity. It does mean that trust must be built, must be earned, before the floodgates that hold back this fierce love can be opened.


Heather said...

One of my very favorite things about Haley!

erica said...

ditto to what heather said.

my very favorite thing about you.

Haley said...

You I love you.

Fiercely and lots.

lizzyashby davidaaron said...

looking forward to meeting who you get to love for life fiercely. I love him already.

And cant wait for Dave and him to golf together.

Haley said...

Ahahaha! Oh my goodness.

1. I cannot wait to meet who I get to love fiercely for life.

2. Golf Ministry.