Nov 22, 2008

personal statement

I sit, winter sunlight streaming through the windows, at Ground, the closest place with wi-fi to Glenwood, Washington. I am here to write my personal statement. I arrived with the goal of a first draft, no more than 500 words, that sums up:
My areas of research interest
The faculty with whom I am interested in working

I have all the necessary tools for a successful day of writing:
Headphones [currently playing my most recent purchase from iTunes]
A cup of coffee [with free refills]
Glasses [for tired eyes that squint in concentration]

Here goes nothing....


lizzyashby&davidaaron said...

Have I mentioned that you are really pretty lately?

Haley said...

It's probably because I was wearing the shirt you and Dave gave me for Christmas last year, and a pair of the jeans you sent my way.

...I mean, thank you.

LAC & NJG said...

I love you sister, and your short hair! B-E-A-UTIFUL!

rebs said...


Haley said...


rebecca said...

i want to move to a far away country. find a grad school somewhere amazing overseas and live with me there while we both go to school.

Haley said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so in!