Nov 20, 2008


Okay. I admit it. I'm a little obsessed with The Twilight Saga. I know, I know, me and every other 14 year old, and of course all the Twilight Moms. I've read the books. I'm working my way through the saga for a second time having finally gotten the first book back from my Sister. You also may have noticed that I have a little counter on my blog. Yes, I do realize that it's set to EST. Whatever. I don't even care. I can add three hours even in the midst of my excitement.

And I'm going to the midnight showing tonight.


reb said...

i would only see twilight if i was with you. and i would love it.

Haley said...

Maybe you'll get your wish. If it's out on DVD when you come to visit, we'll have a movie night. :)

reb said...

i cant wait!