Nov 28, 2008

this is a story about a girl named lucky*

I don't know how I got so lucky. I don't know how I ended up with so many amazing friends. Sometimes I feel like I'm being greedy, like I've taken all the legos so I can build the most amazing house and now none of the other kids have enough to build even a simple lego car.

I am, of course, too selfish to actually give any of them up. And can't imagine my life without a single one of them. And just when I think I've reached my quota, that I've maxed out my friend limit, another person finds their way into my heart over nothing more than a simple cup of coffee or a conversation about swim team and philosophy.

I really don't know how I got so lucky, but I do know that I am forever thankful for each of these amazing people. My life would not be the same without you. I would not be who I am without each and every one of you.

*Oh Britney...


reeeebs said...

ha, i just listened to that song the other day!! woah. that song was brought up twice in one week. and britney has a new reality show on mtv. wow wow wow.
i LOVE you friend. and i really liked this post.

Haley said...

You're one of the people I was talking about, Rebs. Glad you like the song, even gladder you liked the post. Love, love, love.