Apr 2, 2008

betwixt and between

I don't want to be in between anymore. I am tired of living between homes. I am tired of living between families. I am tired of living between one and the other.

I am tired of not being any one place completely. I am in Santa Cruz, but looking ahead to life in Portland. I am an administrative assistant but I am being "phased out" as the end of my employment draws near. I want to be a student but school is still [at least] six months away.

I am tired of looking back at memories and ahead to plans I've made. I wonder if I ever really spend time in the present. If all I have is today shouldn't I be spending at least some time here? But at the same time it is the memories made and the plans ahead that seem to make life so sweet.

I am neither here nor there. And I am annoyed.

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