Apr 13, 2008


I should mention that I didn't come up with that whole "trust the captain, trust the crew" title on my own. I got it from watching Anne Lamott speak two weeks ago. And she got it from an episode of West Wing. And then she got it tattooed on her leg.

I should mention that going to this event was amazing.

Prior to hearing her and Elizabeth Gilbert [author of Eat, Pray, Love] speak/dialogue I got to enjoy a lovely drive with BFF from Santa Cruz to Bodega Bay. I have to say that we always have a great time in the car together. There's good music, good conversation, and I generally cry on our longer drives, and this drive being a longer one I did cry as we started to talk about dealing with the reality of me leaving.

I got to spend some time with Cousin [Lizzy] and Aunt [Margie] over good food and my new haircut. We enjoyed amazing tortilla chips and the beautiful early spring time weather that Petaluma had to offer us.

I also got to surprise Mamacita and her BFF with my new haircut over a delicious dinner at this amazing Italian restaurant.

The whole day was wonderful. I really should have written about it earlier because I feel like I had so many other things to say about the whole experience that are just no where to be found. They've been lost. It's like Anne Lamott said that night, "You should always have a pen with you because just because an idea is important doesn't mean you're going to remember it." So I've started carrying a pen with me everywhere I go. Just in case....


Fifty Two Weekends said...

Kristine, Katherine, Katie, Kelly, Kerry, Kalowell, Kourtney.

Whats the K in HKC for?
I know its not Hot Kentucky Chicken.

Haley said...

You got it on the first try. No one ever gets it on the first try. Excellent work.