Apr 19, 2008

seed stitch [part deux]

I just sold my first hat. I just sold something I made. I always give BFF a hard time because she tries to sell the things she makes for dirt cheep. Now I love a good bargain as much as the next person and I'm not trying to encourage her to sell her stuff for any exorbitant price. I just don't want her to every undervalue her creativity. Then I was asked what I wanted for the seed stitch hat I made. Gulp. Putting a price on my own creativity, on the manifestation of an idea is much harder than I ever thought. But I did it.

I want to add that for the patter of the seed stitch hat 75 stitches is probably too many unless you have an unusually large noggin. I would think that 70 stitches is probably good. Or you could just use a smaller needle. That does take a bit of the fun away though. I love how quickly a project goes on my 11s. I also love how nubby it makes the seed stitch.

Quite the day...


Fifty Two Weekends said...

house warming neck warmers?

So, I'm thrilled that Creme Bru-love-me is not made of pudding.

I've been craig's-listing (aka, renter's porn) and I am really frustrated that I have 2 months left. I want to go now. NOW. I would also like to bottle the ocean and keep it on the mantle.

Haley said...

House warming neck warmers, of course! Pick your color.

I'm thrilled that it's not because then when I make it there will be more than one person eating it.

I don't see what's so impossible about bottling up the ocean. It's like solving a problem like Maria.