Mar 31, 2008


There are all sorts of stereotypes out there, most of which I try to avoid like the plague. I like to be open-minded. I try to avoid pigeonholing anyone. Inevitably I do stereotype. Unavoidably I fall into stereotypes others have when I stumble into a dumb blonde moment or confess that my appreciation and ability in the areas of writing and reading far exceed my appreciation and abilities in the areas of math and science (excluding my beloved social sciences).

There's a stereotype I've been trying to avoid for a few months. I tried really hard. I convinced myself I didn't want that change. I wanted to let the changes remain internal. I wanted the indications of said life change to be subtle. I didn't want to broadcast it or make a big deal of it. So I held out as long as I could. I was stubborn and made excuses. But truth be told this change has been patiently waiting for five or six months. And maybe everything else was just a catalyst, was just what flipped the light switch into the ON position so I could see how much I really wanted it. Regardless of what made me say yes instead of no, I've done it.





Heather and Josh said...

Wow what a strong sexy intelligent beautiful lady! There's some good stereotypes for you! :)

lizzyashby&davidaaron said...

ta ta ta ta ta...

thats my little happy song. Over a bowl of vegan yumminess from my new book.

I love it. Your hair. My gift. Our daily phone calls. You call me before my husband by the way and I in no way feel bad about that.

Fifty Two Weekends said...

I'm loving it, like a McDonalds commercial


Haley said...

Love those stereotypes! And I love you!

BBF is wonderful! Wearing it on Sunday I think. Eee! Daily phone calls make me happy and are a highlight for sure. Thanks for convincing me to give into the stereotype.

I'm loving you like I love sushi. Always.

LAC & NJG said...


1)I just got home from work with out saying the word "Fuck" and that is a first.

2)I have a igantic couch/bed/me with your name on it waiting for you in Missoula.

3)You hair is heaven.

4)SSS (Super Sister Saturday/Starbucks) Lets do it via phone soon!


Haley said...

1. You're my hero.
2. Congrats on the achievement.
3. The couch/bed sounds wonderful and regardless of how long I call it home I'd love and can't wait to spend some time on it!
4. SSS sounds like heaven!
5. I just called you and I forgot how far from awake/alive/coherent you are when you first wake up.