Apr 29, 2011

st andrews + lady gaga

Okay. I love St Andrews. As you may or may not know, I studied abroad there for my junior year of uni*.

Also as you may or may not know I kind of like Lady Gaga**.

You can then imagine HOW FREAKING STOKED I was when I found this little gem of a video. It combines the beautiful setting of St Andrews with the melodic delights of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Oh. AND. It's a cappella***.

*That's short for university kids. It's British. Deal with it.

**That is an understatement.

***TOTAL nerd for some good a cappella. Isn't that right Lizzy?

1 comment:

Alie said...

My goodness, I stumbled onto your blog through A Deeper Story, and saw Royal Romance! I met my husband here in St Andrews (although we're both Americans), and we live here for a few more weeks! My husband knows some of the guys in Other Guys, even. How cool to see this on your site, and to meet a St Andrews' girl!