Apr 8, 2011

just thankful

I get this reminder every Wednesday afternoon that it's time to write my Thankful on a Thursday post. But here's the deal: I feel guilty just putting up a list of things I'm thankful for. I feel like I should be writing some sort of introduction, some preface to gratitude. Today I say, "No more!" I would rather put up a list, even if it lack explanation, and enter into the exercise of being thankful than skip it altogether.

From here on there will be a list, and sometimes maybe a little more.

With no further adieu...
  1. Homemade scrabble tiles, the wonderful man who made them with me, and his indulgence of my obsession with speed scrabble.
  2. My first homemade layer cake, a practice for my friend's birthday party next week.
  3. Spring cleaning with my roommate.
  4. An unbelievably gorgeous, sunny day that necessitated SUNGLASSES on my walk to work this morning.
  5. A chance to meet with, and be encouraged by, other leaders at my church.
  6. Friendships. The new ones and the old ones. How on earth did I get so blessed?
  7. A job that pays me even when I am home sick.
  8. The new life my friends are bringing into this world.
  9. A weekend at the coast with my high schoolers. I never cease to be amazed at how much joy they bring into my life.
  10. Sharing Sleepy Monk Coffee with my high schoolers and two of my favorite leaders.
  11. The INCREDIBLE way my God answers prayer. He knows just what we need, when we need it, and exactly how to answer us.

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