Feb 4, 2011

thankful on a thursday friday—short & sweet

Okay. I had plans, y'all. I had plans to write a TOAT post yesterday. But here's the deal. I'm still a child when it comes to paying for internet [translation: I've been using someone's unprotected wireless for eighteen months awhile, and that little signal has disappeared. Lack of internet signal plus homemade pasta making with roommie plus laundry plus packing for a weekend in Vegas equals no timely TOAT post. Lo siento mis amigos. So here's my post, a day late.

This Thursday Friday I am so very thankful...

  1. For a weekend in Vegas with my Dad.
  2. For lunch in the park with good friends.
  3. For the way He can redeem ANYTHING.
  4. For new friends who desire to speak truth.
  5. For this post and for the truth of her words, "the more your heart breaks, the more of it becomes God's heart."
  6. For the way we are created to live in authentic community, that it is written into our DNA.
  7. For the way He knows me more intimately than anyone, and knows just how I am best loved, disciplined and refined.
  8. For breakfast with my parents and The Mustachioed Woodsman.
  9. For this community He's given me. I don't know how I ended up here, but I am so thankful for His placing me here.
  10. For a day in the kitchen baking love into pie for dear friends.

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