Mar 4, 2010

thankful on a thursday

Since November I've been a leader with Imago Dei's high school youth group. There are so many reasons I love youth ministry, and every Wednesday night these students and the other leaders refresh and reinvigorate that love and passion God's given me. One of the leaders is a lovely lady called Nish, and Nish has recently started a blog [which you should totally check out!]. In her post today she started a new weekly list called "Thankful on a Thursday." I am, in her words, joining her in speaking words and breathing sighs of thankfulness and God's blessing. Here's my list of [at least] ten things for which I am thankful:
  1. Legs that can and do LOVE to run.
  2. The feel of soft merino wool wound around my fingers as I knit.
  3. The way the sunrise looks from my kitchen table.
  4. The taste and smell of coffee, and the mug I drink it from.
  5. A weekend in LA to visit my beautiful cousinsisterbestfriend and her brand new baby, Ashby.
  6. My cousin Andrew, who used his airline miles so I could get down to LA.
  7. The view from my office window and the way the clouds make their way over the west hills.
  8. A sassy new 'do.
  9. The banjo pickin' goodness of The Avett Brothers.
  10. The season of Lent and the encouragement to pause and reflect.
What are you thankful for?

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