Nov 4, 2009

video song

I'm kind of obsessed with this video song. And I'm kind of obsessed with Pomplamoose.

"What's a video song?" you ask.

Well, my dear friend, a video song is defined by Pomplamoose by two rules:
1. What you see is what you hear. (No lip-synching for instruments or voice)
2. If you see it, at some point you hear it. (No hidden sounds)

They've got some awesome originals. On top of that, they covered "Single Ladies."

Happy Wednesday.

Love, Haley

1 comment:

This girl said...

Haha.. single ladies. I don't know if you watch Glee or not, but the football team... ya. Pretty funny. If not, sorry. But this is pretty brilliant stuff! They're talented. Cool Blog :)