Jun 1, 2009

i won

With every additional mile I am surprised by the excuses I seem to come up with for stopping.

With every additional mile I am encouraged by my ability to discount those excuses.

With every additional mile I am amazed by my body's ability to keep going.

With every additional mile I am delighted that my legs keep going, even though they've not yet covered this distance in a single run.

On Saturday another battle of wills took place. I challenged my stack of excuses to a nine mile run.

I won.


Anonymous said...

9 miles!?!?

I am so proud of you! You are a complete and total STUD.


Haley said...

Thanks Smarsh!

This weekend is double digits...so by the time you're up on Saturday I'll have already run 10 miles!

Whoa. Who am I?

The Panic Room said...

this was encouraging. I feel like running now, because I would like to feel like this.

Haley said...

It is awesome.

The feeling of running ten miles trumped the feeling of nine miles, though the battle was less difficult with the longer distance.