Apr 18, 2012

hold me

Tonight the longing for Home is thick, catching in my throat as I try to swallow.

Tears well up suddenly, and I am caught off guard.

Tonight I feel the fragility of this life. Tonight I feel His hand around my heart, causing each and every beat.

As air fills my lungs I taste the breath He blows into my nostrils and feel it rush down my throat.

I wonder how this skin, stretched thin over bone and muscle, does not tear. Tonight it feels so thin, barely the protective barrier it is intended to be.

And I am reminded that each beat, each breath is Yours, is by Your will.

This skin protects me because You wrap Yourself around me, because You keep me from harm.

Hold me closer.

Hold me tighter.


Sarah Asay said...

yes. totally. i am hit with how fragile life is & so sobered.

Matt Shedd said...

Painfully awesome!

erica said...

this is so beautiful. YOU are so beautiful.

Haley said...

@erica, thank you so much, friend. Thank you for all the ways YOU inspire me to see beauty all around. Love you so much.