Oct 24, 2011


It is Sunday. I am seated on a magenta colored pew, several rows from the front of the sanctuary. The pastor up front giving the announcements asks us to all scoot to the center of our rows, to make room for more people.

Six years, one month and twenty-four days earlier I was asked the same thing by a different pastor of the same church. The same question in a different building, with different people, though some of them might remember that Sunday in July when we gathered inside white stucco in a building not our own. Hot skin stuck to wooden pews and to those on either side without prejudice, and still we were asked to scoot closer, to make room. Standing room only in the back, both then and now.

I'm over at Deeper Story today, writing about perspective. Will you join me there?


Unknown said...

Just curious if you go to Imago? I remember the Laurelhurst days so fondly...
Maybe I will bump into you someday. (-=

Haley said...

I do go to Imago! I only went while we were at Laurelhurst for about two months, and then moved away for a few years. I've been back for a few years now, and love it.

If you see me, come say hi and introduce yourself.