Sep 16, 2011

fabulous friday video goodness—harmony called me

Every time I watch this video, I think, "I HAVE to use this for my next Friday video post." And then I forget about it.

Not this time. NOT THIS TIME.

The videography is amazing. The song is so lovely, it makes me want to waltz and marry a man in uniform...or at least a man who sings to a half eaten apple which then becomes a microphone. You'll get it when you watch the video.


Joy Eggerichs said...

You know that's Lindsay's sister and brother in law? Matt Miadich, Lindsay's husband shot the whole thing - he's the one who shoots my videos. Love this video.

Haley said...

Kind of. I kind of knew those things. Mostly because I read your blog when you first posted the video. I love this video too. I watch it sometimes when I'm all "oh woe is me I'll never find love." Yikes.