Jan 12, 2011

expelling thoughts

I'm so used to sitting down and just cranking out my thoughts. I wait until they're seconds away from overwhelming me, and then quickly expel them on the page or screen in front of me.

But not now. Not with this. It is a combination of intimidation, a desire to take this seriously, fear of failure, and fear of engaging in real conversations.

So I sit and stare at screens and pages. A smattering of semi-connected thoughts, waiting for me to do something with them, to elaborate, to connect the dots.

I know my story. I know what I want to tell you. It's just never been this hard before.


Rebekah Grace said...

Hi! I found your blog through Deeper Story yesterday. I understand fear of sharing personal stories, fear of ridicule, rejection and/or misunderstanding. Do it afraid and you will find healing in the sharing.

Haley said...

Thanks, Rebekah! I think you're right, there is so much healing in the sharing. I think it's the admission of the need for healing that can be such a hindrance for me. Thanks for visiting this little blog of mine as well.