Oct 12, 2009

heat rae [belated]

COULD I have made it through my teaching adventures in the Santa Cruz mountains without a like-minded friend?


COULD I have made it through the craziness of that spring without someone who totally got it and told me I owed them $20 every time I MySpied the source of that hurt?


WOULD I have wanted to go through those things [and more] without her?


Heather, my sweet friend, I am so thankful for your presence on this earth. And more specifically I am thankful for your presence in my life, and for the gift of your friendship. You are insightful and compassionate and honest. You aren't afraid of hard questions and you don't shy away from the crap life throws at you. "Because I know you, I have been changed for good."

PS. We sang "Beautiful, Scandalous Night" at church yesterday. I thought of you.


Erquiaga Family said...

I love you too Hay Hay!!! And, would not want to see my life without you in it.

Jody said...

twenty bucks?! Shoot.

Haley said...

You can buy a lot with $20 Jody.