Jul 22, 2009


While perusing my dear friend's lovely and creative style blog, I read about her adoration of the le love blog.

Which led me to do a bit of creepin.

Whereupon I discovered this video.

And it is just so very, very sweet.


Kathy said...

And I le le le le looooove you!

Haley said...

le le le le DITTO!

Kat said...

i've found it on the le love blog too. it's so beautiful and sweet and heart-warming :)

Anonymous said...

so pretty huh? i knew you would le love it back! can't wait to squeeze you sunday.

sarah van raden said...

oops! not your creepy anonymous stalker. promise!

Haley said...

Kat: I found myself humming the music from the video while I puttered around the house last night.

SVR: If anyone has permission to be my creepy anonymous stalker, it is you.