Dec 13, 2008

from the front porch

I stand outside on the front porch and watch the snow mixed with rain fall sideways to the ground. The frigid wind whips through the trees and through my sweater and thin cotton pants. I tuck my fists into my armpits attempting to warm my fingers, as I gaze over the rooftops and grin and marvel at just how beautiful this scene is.

The temperature is below 40, there is snow and rain, it is windy, and I could not be happier with the weather.


rebs. said...

oh my gosh, you make me so jealous. I WANT TO BE THERE!!! i need snowy, rainy, windy weather.

Haley said...

Guess what, today it is snowing!

Rachel.d.Hurley said...

bring some with you on thursday k?
ps. i am praying for isaac.

rebekkah said...

woah. that last comment is from me, rebekkah.
i guess my sister is signed in or something

Haley said...

Rachel.d.Hurley [a.k.a. Rebs] I will definitely bring some with me on Thursday. It snowed here yesterday, and it's 20 degrees outside right now!

PS. Thursday is only three days away.