Sep 18, 2008

ten more

BOSS: Instead of 30 hours a week, how about 40?
HKC: Definitely.


Heather said...


Antonello and Sarah said...

WOO-HOO pig! I'm so essited for you! Fur sur, yur the sit!

hugs and kissses,
pig #2

Haley said...

I KNOW!!!! THANK YOU !!! I'll have an even bigger home for you to stay when you visit!

Pig #2,
Fanks Pig. I'm sooper exsited, fur sur.

I fink you sood know vat I rullee miss spelling wiff you. And laffen wif you. Yur the best Pig #2 ever, and the sit.

erica said...

you & sarah kill me with your pig talk.

Jody said...

Yet another employer who realizes you are indisposable and necessary for the success of the business at large.