Jun 27, 2008

get outside

Tuesday was the day of gloom and doom. It was a day of doubt and discouragement. It was a day where it seemed all I heard was no. The voice that says loving, encouraging things to me was drowned out by the voice that kept reminding me, just a little too loudly, of my shortcomings, my downfalls, and my fears.

After dinner and some tears my mom said, "Let's walk to the end of the road." What I wanted to do was climb into bed fully clothed, something I can't stand doing unless it's really bad, pull the covers over my head and cry until I was exhausted and dehydrated. But I agreed to a walk simply because disagreeing would mean prolonging the inevitable trip outside the 33 foot Airstream I currently call home and I just wanted to get it over with so I could commence with the crying until exhausted/dehydrated plan.

We stepped outside and she said, "David Van Raden always says, 'When it gets to big get outside.'" David is my godfather and one of the men I am blessed to call a father figure. He is a wise man, someone who knows about things getting too big and about going outside. And that fresh air, the sunset filled sky, Mount Adams with it's rose tinted evening snow, and the wild roses lining the road were exactly what I needed.

Smart guy.

Good advice.

Try it sometime. Even if there are no mountains, no sunsets, no roses and the air isn't really that fresh.

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Antonello and Sarah said...

Thank you for your honesty...always. My friend, I miss you. Life is extraordinary right now but definitely big...I am looking outside into the Naples night sky and see a beautiful sunset. Not to big for Him, I guess. I pray you are doing well beautiful...are you keeping the pigs alive? I truly hope so because they miss you so muts. Love you. Enough said.