May 29, 2008


I should:
Be packing.

I am:
Taking just a moment to indulge my internet craving.
Listening to my "Pack Your Sh*t" mix.

I wonder:
How I acquired so much stuff.

I moved here with:
Favorite books
Pictures of loved ones
Down comforter
Patrice [car]

I am leaving here with:
Clothes [have acquired more]
Snowboard [but it won't fit so BFF is watching her for me]
Laptop [now dead, but I'm hoping that I can get my written documents off somehow]
Favorite books [have become four+ boxes]
Pictures of loved ones [now include so many new faces]
Down comforter [no new bedding, thank goodness]
Three lamps
Multiple artpieces in process
The beginnings of a half sleeve

I leave behind:
One book shelf
Two [cheap] bedside tables
One refinished dresser
Favorite places

And now:
I will shove a power bar down my throat
Load the rest of my boxes in the car.
Go to FedEx.
Go to the Goodwill.
Give BFF her car back [THANK YOU!].
Pack my clothes.
Have dinner with friends.
Collapse in a pile of tears, kleenex, and exhaustion.

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