Feb 24, 2008

all things new

I love the rain.  I LOVE it.  I love watching the rainwater running along the edge of the street, in ditches, tearing down streams and rivers swollen with the extra water.  It's all moving so quickly.  The old is being washed away.  And the way it smells: clean, fresh.  I love it.

I was walking from one building to another this morning as we set up for this morning's service and it just started pouring.  Everyone else outside was huddled under eves or making themselves as small as they could under their umbrellas.  But I walked through it, face up, eyes open with a big grin on my face.  I could just feel it making things new.  Clearing away the groggyness of not enough sleep, washing away the sadness, and bringing with it joy.

And the colors after the rain are so vibrant!  The soot, dirt, and exhaust have been washed away and everything is so verdant, so brilliant, so new.

As I write my mind immediately goes to baptism, to Jesus and the fact that we are made new in Him.  And I love that.  It makes the rain even more beautiful.

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